Table of Contents, vol 15, no 1&2, year 2022

pages: 1 - 9
Computing Efficiency in Membrane Systems and Their Variants
Claudio Zandron, DISCo - Universita' degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Italy

pages: 10 - 19
Effect Analysis of Creators' Environmental Factors in Making a Tourist Map for a Familiar Place
Yoko Nishihara, Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Ryosuke Yamanishi, Kansai University, Japan
Xinran Lin, Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Ryohei Ohyama, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

pages: 20 - 37
Stock Trade Simulation Using an Average Based Trend Indicator with Heuristic Enhancements
Yoshihisa Udagawa, Tokyo University of Information Sciences, 日本

pages: 38 - 47
An FFT based Bias Voltage Control Scheme to Compensate for the Resonant Frequency Drift of CMUTs Due to Fluid Loading
Thasnim Mohammed, University of Windsor, Canada
Sazzadur Chowdhury, University of Windsor, Canada

pages: 48 - 59
The Doer Effect: Replication and Comparison of Correlational and Causal Analyses of Learning
Rachel Van Campenhout, VitalSource Technologies, USA
Benny G. Johnson, VitalSource Technologies, USA
Jenna A. Olsen, Western Governors University, USA

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