Table of Contents, vol 8, no 3&4, year 2015

pages: 109 - 119
Terminal Virtualization Framework for Mobile Services
Tao Zheng, Orange Labs International Center Beijing, China
Song Dong, Orange Labs International Center Beijing, China

pages: 120 - 129
Chronomorphic Programs: Runtime Diversity Prevents Exploits and Reconnaissance
Scott Friedman, SIFT, LLC, USA
David Musliner, SIFT, LLC, USA
Peter Keller, SIFT, LLC, USA

pages: 130 - 140
Building Trusted and Real Time ARM Guests Execution Environments for Mixed Criticality With T-KVM, a hypervisor architecture that implements an hardware isolated secure and real time environment
Michele Paolino, Virtual Open Systems, France
Kevin Chappuis, Virtual Open Systems, France
Alvise Rigo, Virtual Open Systems, France
Alexander Spyridakis, Virtual Open Systems, France
Jérémy Fanguède, Virtual Open Systems, France
Petar Lalov, Virtual Open Systems, France
Daniel Raho, Virtual Open Systems, France

pages: 141 - 152
The Dichotomy of Decision Sciences in Information Assurance, Privacy, and Security Applications in Law and Joint Ventures
Simon Reay Atkinson, Centre for International Security Studies, FASS, University of Sydney., Australia
Gregory Tolhurst, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney., Australia
Liaquat Hossain, Information Management Division of Information and Technology Studies, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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